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Sauber Janitorial Services

Sauber Janitorial Services Division (SJS)


Broom & Dustbin

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Sauber Janitorial Services was established in 2009. It is an active division of DSBE and was one of the founder's two inesses folded into DSBE's incorporation.  It is currently focused on improving the recycling efforts of the city of East Palo Alto, California and offering direct and resold maintenance services to clients in East Palo Alto.  As such, it similar to a VAR or systems integrator in high tech.


Sauber Janitorial Services was originally a sole proprietorship in Santa Clara, California.  It is now a dba of DSBE in San Mateo County as published in the World Journal.



Short-range Goals


Sophämtning i Stockholm

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Mid-range Goals


Commuting Icebike

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Long-term Goals